North Cyprus Property Victims | It Doesn’t Look Hopeful


I would imagine anyone who knows there is either a mortgage or a memorandum on their property cannot be very settled in their mind or secure in their ownership.

When this phenomenon first raised its ugly head we were all surprised but thought, no it is so obviously wrong, the Government will do something. The effect on the property market would be to profound otherwise.

Well despite promises that action would be taken, no action has, and the effect has been profound. So much so that the property values have plummeted and the building industry decimated.

The first and most well known of the victims is Kulaksiz 5. The Bank are clearly never going to admit they are at fault and this looks set to go all the way to the ECHR in Strasbourg.

There was a fund raiser held at the Club Semina on Tuesday of last week where much needed cash was raised to help fund their legal fight for justice. Pauline Read was unable to attend due to a shoulder injury and Jan French had just had surgery for a hip replacement. Nevertheless a good time was had by all and for a few short hours the victims could put their worries to one side. Thanks to the Liverpool crowd and thanks to Club Simena for their tireless support.

The next was Baris Apartments built by Tutuska Limited. The victims are awaiting the next auction notice and one can only hope after two years plus, it will never come. I have been informed that the wife of Nurettin Tutuska has passed away after a long illness. Condolences to her family.

The Aga/Robb Saga looks set to run and run. A significant number of purchasers are now involved in taking this case to the ECHR and again we can only hope they find the justice there that eludes them in North Cyprus. All blame is being laid squarely at the door of the major shareholder with the Turkish Cypriots involved being totally ignored by any of the authorities even though there is allegedly sufficient evidence to warrant an investigation. The ABAG ladies continue their legal fight in Washington.

Olive Grove victims of NCP still fight their corner although less publicly than some other victims. The Bank seem to be hell bent on getting their pound of flesh.

We know there are still many cases awaiting justice and builders who refuse to meet their obligations. Boyut, Sercem and many many more.

Like me, you must all wonder where this will end. Who knows, but end it will because for all things there is a beginning and an end.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Ann Read

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