Kulaksiz 5 – time is not on our side

I expected very little to have happened as far as Kulaksiz 5 is concerned during my three weeks absence. A lot is happening in the background which I am not able to divulge (yet). The old adage comes to mind ‘these things take time’. Well, Akfinans Bank, Abdurrahman Guney, Yuksel Yilmaz, you stole my house, ergo my money and the last four years of my life so really I think the possibility of relinquishing whatever time that is left to me is not something I care to do.

The fact is that not one of the Kulaksiz 5 is young enough to waste what time is left to us. The Government could, if they had the will and the courage, end our suffering immediately.

Akfinans Bank Limited could if they had the will and the courage could end our suffering immediately. Look at it logically, how much money have they really lost, 100,000TL, £1,600 and the cost of trying to recover it. The sort of goodwill and positive publicity they would engender by simply doing the ‘right thing’ money could not buy.

To the Government I say:  do not waste time looking for loopholes in the law to find a way out for us. Make new strong laws that are unable to be manipulated to accommodate the greedy. Most importantly,  listen to the people, the ones that voted for you. They want you to do the right thing for Kulaksiz 5 and all other ‘wronged’ in our community. I do not accept that laws cannot be made retrospective. Laws are made by people, for people and can be as flexible as is needed to right a terrible injustice.

Please be aware, we are old, we do not have any more time to waste. A solution posthumously is of no use to anyone and would earn you more negative publicity.

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