ABTA concerned about Atlasjet’s support for CTA ticket holders

Atlasjet had said they would take over CTA’s 12,000 outstanding bookings but ABTA is reporting that their agents are saying that flights are being offered but not to the same airport.

“In some cases, the flights are to Ankara which is a nine-hour transfer to some of the resorts,” said an ABTA spokesman.
Tanzer said: “It is clear that customers are exposed and that we need a comprehensive system of financial protection that includes tour operators and airlines.”

It had quickly become clear to those who have tried to follow Atlasjet’s instructions that they were poorly thought out and poorly supervised. Instructions ranged from, “just turn up and hope” to a complete lack of information. Although customers still have access to records on the CTA database it is surprising that Atlasjet has not used this same database to inform customers of their intentions for these individuals.

On the Atlasjet website customers are being informed that there are flights today and tomorrow but not that they are full. One NCFP reader contacted the four companies on Atlasjet’s list of travel agents able to convert CTA tickets to Atlasjet ones only to be told that because they bought directly from CTA, and I guess are not covered by ABTA, they could not help them.

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