Jennifer Lopez helps highlight the plight of Turkish Cypriots

Almost everyone knew she would never perform in the north but thanks to the ignorance of her team the TRNC has just been handed a Public Relations dream. Jennifer has helped publicise Turkish Cypriots’ isolation to the world. One of the excuse used for her not to sing in the north was that in 1974 atrocities took place. Perhaps, for example, she’s not aware that during the Vietnam War, in a place called My Lai on 16th March 1968, in a single day 500 Vietnamese civilians were killed by American troops. Perhaps, now she has become aware of the world situation, she will refuse to sing in the US because of their invasion and occupation of Iraq? Of course not! What do these examples tell us about America or Americans? Nothing, but Jennifer’s withdrawal from the concert does tell us a lot about the power of hate.

Does she know that in 1963 Greek Cypriots suspended the Cyprus constitution so that Turkish Cypriots were forced to withdraw from the government set up in 1960 when the British handed the country over to Greek and Turkish Cypriots. Of course not, but what she does know is that a lot of Greek Cypriots do not like her singing in the north. Why would they react so violently after so long. If she takes time to read some of the comments these “freedom fighters” have been making on Facebook, they might have reminded her of the kind of racism her Puerto Rican parents had to put up with 50 years ago.

Surely it is not about racism? In 1571 Ottoman Turks took over Cyprus and the Greek Cypriots have never forgiven them. Even in this newspaper such views have been expressed in the comment section. Jennifer Lopez’s back-down will be a catalyst for the cackling hyenas to spout their venom yet again. Hopefully people will read these comments and realise why Cyprus will never be reunited and why Direct Trade should now be granted to north Cyprus this year. The level of hatred amongst some Greek Cypriots, highlighted in their successful attempt to stop the concert, shows why a united Cyprus in 2010 would probably end up with bloodshed by 2013 and the collapse of a country which has experienced 36 years of peace.

Thank you Jennifer for pushing the plight of Turkish Cypriots into the front pages of major international newspapers and on TV screens. Perhaps the issue will now be discussed so that ignorance of the situation can be dispelled and a rational view might be formed by people who want to know why a singer has been forced to cancel a concert. Perhaps a backlash will result if Jennifer reveals some of the hate mail she has received and perhaps ears and eyes will now become attuned to the racism beneath the words and images.

Please read with an open mind the Greek Cypriot comments which will fill up the comment section below. Many will probably not read the article because their minds are already made up and they will be only too happy to tell us why I and anyone who dares support the plight of the TRNC are wrong, in the same manner they bombarded Jennifer Lopez. That is if they don’t block the newspaper website as they tried to do when it was first launched a year ago.

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