Update on yesterday’s London Protest

Mary Day

Today, the Protest in London is well under way. I have received this wonderful e mail from Mary Day, who despite being desperately worried about Geoff and not being in the best of health has sent this email and pictures, rather than collate a piece from her email, I would prefer it be published as is, it is from a very genuine and sensitive lady who, despite her health and property problems has taken the time to join the Protest. Mary we love you and salute you.

More reports will follow as I receive new material.

“This morning whilst making our peaceful protest outside the Turkish Embassy in London, we had the opportunity to speak with a Diplomat of the Embassy. The Diplomat has expressed his full understanding and is fully aware of the severity of the fraud victims in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. He has invited us into the Embassy once we have finished our protest. This is to give us all the opportunity to sit down together and discuss all the issues.

He has invited protesters into the Embassy at the end of our peaceful protest to join a senior Diplomat for refreshments. It is at this point we shall be handing in documented information concerning abuse of human rights cases within the TRNC.

More to follow as the day unfolds.”

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