Kulaksiz 5 offered help immediately the ECHR case was lodged, how strange

Fallen KnightYou’ve been reading all the good news (maybe) about government intervention in the Kulaksiz 5 scenario and the intention of government to find a solution to our problem and indeed assist in obtaining the deeds, but seeing is believing. So let us say that they achieve this, unfortunately they will still have one little problem – ME

My case is different, I have won a Breach of Contract action and have been awarded £120,000 compensation for the return of my purchase money, costs and compensation for money spent over four years making my villa into a home. The amount does not reflect the real monetary cost, and by no means reflects the mental suffering I have endured. I would be content to accept that amount and carry the loss.

At present I am between the devil and the deep blue sea. I have not had the award money and AKFINANS BANK LIMITED, through AKAN KURSAT their Advocate, have committed a criminal offence by repossessing my house. The result is that I have no house, no compensation and in fact am the only member of Kulaksiz 5 who at this moment in time faces the real possibility of ending up with NOTHING.

Despite what the TRNC has thrown at me and because my villa at Kulaksiz 5 is a real health hazard to me, I have bought another home in the TRNC. This was facilitated financially by my partner and loans from my family who are seriously worried for my health and safety. They would prefer me to be back in the UK but respect my desire to live in the TRNC, the adopted home which I love.

We are still awaiting our Permission to Purchase for this new home, it is said it is with the military now but how often have we all heard that. I do know there is a charge on it. I put it there when I registered my Contract of Sale at additional cost to me of £2,200 but what price can you put on ‘peace of mind’.

Yes, I did have builder problems again, this time a Turkish Cypriot and yes, he has taken more money than the work he did justified and yes his workmen were lazy, slapdash and the material used inferior and the work of a very low standard. This builder had been highly recommended to me. This time however, because he has no legal interest in my land the Contract I had with him allowed me to get the job finished by another builder, who I cannot speak too highly of, and so my new house is complete. With Geoff and Mary in mind, I carefully placed everything belonging to my ‘terminated’ builder (if only) outside of my boundaries and made him aware of this. My new builder was at a pains to only use material he personally brought to the site.

So what will happen in my case if the problems of all the others on K5 are sorted out? How very strange it was that suddenly help appeared on the horizon immediately the ECHR case is lodged and announced to the press. Now if I were a cynical person… I won’t go there. Needless to say, I do intend to find out what could happen in my case. I have no confidence that I will ever receive the court award, even if the sale of the court memorandum covered property were allowed – who is going to buy? Do I have the time to wait forever – NO!

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