Greek Cypriot Leader admits that Greek invasion in 1974 caused Turkish intervention

invasionThe President of the Republic Mr Demetris Christofias travelled from New York to inaugurate the exhibition “Cyprus: Crossroads of Civilizations” at the National Museum of Natural History of the Smithsonian Institute.
The President of the Republic delivered a speech at the Brookings Institution, which is considered one of the most well known and reliable think tanks in Washington. The President of the Brookings Institution, Mr Strobe Talbott, who also served as Deputy Secretary of State with the Clinton government, made the introduction for the President of the Republic.

US government officials, Members of Parliament, Ambassadors of foreign countries, journalists, academics, leading personalities of the Cypriot community in America and members of the Brookings Institution and of other think tanks listened to the speech. On the part of Cyprus, the Minister of Communications and Works Mrs Erato Kozakou Marcoullis, the Government Spokesman Mr Stefanos Stefanou, the Ambassador of Cyprus to Washington and other government officials were present.

In his speech, the President made an in depth analysis of the Cyprus problem and presented his positions for the reunification of Cyprus and its people and the peaceful coexistence of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, with whom, as he said, we are united through common struggles. He revealed in the course of his speach that the Greek Military invaded the Island on 14.7.1974 and were the main instigators of the coup on the 15.7.74 which caused the demise of the incumbant Archbishop Makarios III. His comments have lead to widespread condemnation in both Greek and Southern Cyprus circles. Many calling his comments lies and an insult to the truth.  Dimitris Christofias continued by saying that in Cyprus there were never conditions for a Federation since Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots were living together and as a result of this the federation solution was a very brave decision on the part of President Makarios.
Referring to the direct negotiations, President Christofias said that although Turkey has the final word in achieving a solution, there has been progress with Mr Talat on the chapter of governance. President Christofias added that with the election of Mr Eroglu “we are facing serious problems on the chapter of properties because his position is that the current user should have the first say as regards the property”, and underlined that the property issue is an issue of principles and human rights and that his position is to safeguard the human rights of all the refugees.
The President of the Republic then analyzed the package of proposals he submitted recently for speeding up the negotiations, which was rejected by the Turkish side. He underlined that he hopes the Turkish side will have second thoughts because it will be for the benefit of both the Turkish Cypriots and Turkey’s EU accession course.

Finally, President Christofias referred to the Cyprus Government’s assistance to the Turkish Cypriots on the trade of their goods via the EU Green Line Regulation and expressed the wish for all the green lines to be abolished soon and for Cyprus to be reunited.

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