Turkish Cypriot land in the south given to land developers for luxury homes

Cheap Carpet

The Cyprus Mail has revealed that a British Citizen is taking the government in the south to court because they had, amongst other things, given her land to developers. The 300 donum plot had been in her family since Ottoman times but now it is being used to build luxury homes, accommodate warehouses, a garden centre and a number of business outlets.

Other parts other family’s land have been “expropriated by the government and now lie under the Nicosia-Larnaca highway. Her family has never received compensation for the expropriation,” Vedia Izzet says.“I have been told the money for this was paid into a fund. However we have seen no evidence that it has been paid or that the fund actually exists”.

Although her family had land in the south they did not live there in 1974. She even made an effort to settle her property claim without resorting to the courts, offering to sell land to the government on which refugee housing had been built.

“I think they didn’t accept the offer because they want to keep their refugees as refugees,” she said.

Interestingly, she will now be fighting the case as a British citizen and not as a Turkish Cypriot. If the south had the equivalent of the north’s Immovable Property Commission then she would have had to use that,with the expectation that she would be offered cash, Greek Cypriot property in the north or her land back. As there is no IPC there then, to use the language of some Greek Cypriot posters on NCFP,  it looks as if those currently trespassing on “stolen” land “cheapskate carpetbaggers” have been given for nothing will be in line for a bit of a shock. I’m sure these posters will explain to us how Izzet is in the wrong because she is not a Greek Cypriot.

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