Cyprus Star – 19/11/2010

‘Hijack Drama’ – curious case of ‘coffin dodgers’ en route to Ercan. A Stansted-Ercan plane was halted in Istanbul because a Turkish family discovered that only one the two coffins they had checked in had been placed on the plane. Passengers were stuck on the plane for six hours and were refused the use of the toilets. This refusal was reversed when a passenger threatened “to go to the toilet where they were sitting.”

She’ll be back – Bar 8.8 owner told the Cyprus Star that, contrary to the rumours on Cyprus44 and an article in Cyprus Today, Ms Coulter of North Cyprus Property Rentals had not run away to the UK to avoid debts but had gone to celebrate her child’s birthday and that she would be back to sell her house to settle her debts .

Toughest lesson for this government should leave them quaking with fear? – the Chamber of Architects and Engineers claim that four school buildings have had additional floors built on foundations they say are too weak to withstand earthquakes.

Vigil for justice – İsmet Üstüner’s vigil

At last, something that is unfair and Turkish Cypriots needn’t cry ‘foul’ – in the South developers, estate agents, lawyers and banks are being accused of infringing the EU’s Unfair Commercial Practices Directive by not making buyers aware of a mortgage on properties they bought. This law also affects companies with offices or agencies in the UK and those exhibiting at Property Exhibitions there. Unfortunately this does not apply to those in the North.

Snow joke but we’re boiling – Britain is about to experience early snowfalls at a time when temperatures of 30oC were recorded in North Cyprus.

Government face wrath of grey rinse brigade – 200 pensioners were at the TRNC Constitutional Court to protest the taxing of pensions.

We’re being buried alive by rubbish – local councils are blaming private citizens for dumping rubbish in the countryside. Editor: Alsancak council seems to have joined the trend of dumping in the countryside too –

Pegasus: when humanity flew out the window – Pegasus airline have refused to change the dates, or refund the money, for the plane tickets issued to Len Grainger, currently in intensive care. Len’s hospital bills are mounting daily and as he will probably have to remain in hospital until at least Christmas, will eventually be astronomical.

Remembrance Extra – 8-page Remembrance Day supplement

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