in Cyprus Today – 20/11/2010

Sorry not very much local real news for those in the UK. Shall add the Cyprus Star news after this.

Cameron’s call sparks concern – because he contacted the GC leader ahead of Thursday’s peace talks in New York but not the TC leader.

Youngster’s gun threat investigated – a Facebook video showing a GC child threatening to shoot Turks and Communists has caused upsets

Cyprus problem ‘needs a solution not endless talks’ – erm, well yes.

Expert: Follow Taiwan’s example – the EU doesn’t recognise Taiwan either

Senator’s pride at citizenship – an Italian senator says he is “honoured” at having being given TRNC citizenship. Editor: I think many expats would like to be “honoured” with title deeds to the property they’ve paid for, if it isn’t too much bother.

That’s it!

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