[OPINION] TRNC Government decisions”appear to be written in plasticine”

plastercineIpek Ozerim’s column in Cyprus Today highlighted the leadership of the Government here.  She certainly highlighted that whenever the Government makes a decision it appear to be written in plasticine so that it can be easily reshaped when they change their minds.  You could be forgiven for thinking that, as it appears to change its mind so often, the Government is made up totally of women (sorry ladies old totally unfounded joke).

Now Kulaksiz 5 are suffering from one of its many changes of mind.  Sometime ago we were delighted to read of a  statement made that a committee was to be formed using five elder learned and legally savvy gentlemen, dubbed the Five Wisemen.  Their first task was to sort out the Kulaksiz 5 property problem and then, having sorted that, move on to ALL the others.  Oh dear, perhaps Kulaksiz 5 proved too difficult because in the time it takes to say ‘problem solved’ the Five Wisemen were no more.

Now you might think that the Kulaksiz 5 have suffered enough with the terrible stress being put on them by the mind games being played by Akfinans Bank Limited.  You will all remember reading that ‘THERE WILL BE NO EVICTIONS’.  Really, well perhaps they could explain why the pensioners still resident there are living in constant fear of the bailiff turning up on their doorstep accompanied by a policeman to ensure the WRITS (the start of the eviction procedure) are served on the right people.  At least one writ has been successfully served.

Oddly, no one has seen the bailiff attempt to serve a writ on the Turkish families (relatives of the offending landowner) whose homes are on the same two Koçans as the British pensioners; again I ask – would you care to comment on that Mr. Akan Kurşat?

It would seem that the Government have now decided to play the same mind games with Kulaksiz 5; saying now we’ll help you – now we won’t.  Have they no concept of how cruel it is to throw a lifeline and then just before the property victims are able to clutch on to it, they draw it back in?  It appears that not only have the Kulaksiz 5 got to suffer the loss of their homes, their life savings, their health and their well being, it is to be done as painfully as possible.

To appeal to Akfinans’ better nature would be a waste of time.  I did that personally on GAK TV.  The argument that they have an obligation to their account holders holds no water.  Show me an account holder, just one, who you were paying say 40% per quarter interest compound on their investment account with you.  No of course you cannot.  Show me unbridled greed – now that would be easy.

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