“In September 2005 I was introduced to Kulaksiz by Carl Clarke-Derby”

The Sales Pitch

The Sales Pitch

Today I am going to introduce you to Kulaksiz Construction Limited. I know they are only part of the problem that Kulaksiz 5 face, but they are the cause of all that followed. In September 2005 I was introduced to Kulaksiz by Carl Clarke-Derby who was then working for Lewis Estates Limited. Lewis Estates were advertising in the Sunday Mail in the UK so I sent for their literature. A shiny A4 card giving details of North Cyprus, singing its praises duly arrived. The most interesting thing on this shiny card was the statement ‘TRNC TITLE 100% safe.’

When we arrived in the TRNC, Carl came to the hotel and immediately began the selling process. We visited many sites and although Carl did his job well as an Agent, we didn’t really find anything that took our fancy. Then Carl decided to show us the house his daughter intended to buy as soon as she had sold her house in the UK, thus we ended up on Kulaksiz 5. Next door to the Carl’s daughter’s intended purchase was another villa, structurally complete (not built to stay that way we later found) with FOR SALE written on it in white paint. Carl was surprised because he was under the impression that this was being built for Abdurrahman Guney the director of Kulaksiz. We looked round it, it appeared to be just what we wanted. Carl made enquiries and it seemed that Guney’s wife refused to live that side of Girne and so the villa was indeed for sale. So, like lambs to the slaughter, we bought it.

Did Carl’s daughter ever buy the villa next door? No. Was it a set up? Who knows? All the villas on Kulaksiz 5 have significant structural problems. Mine was the first to show them; indeed it only took two months after moving in for them to manifest themselves. Two rebuilds of the back end did not solve the problems. Looking at the villa today, it probably looks the least problematic from the outside. Close inspection will tell you a different story. Everything that was rebuilt TWICE is showing exactly the same tell tale signs. The villa that Carl’s daughter was allegedly going to buy is the one you have all seen in Cyprus Today, it is structurally unsafe. Parts of it cannot be used and the front half of the roof is covered in polythene to keep the rain out. Akfinans Bank Limited want £600 per month rent for this house OR £110,000 – in your dreams; AKFINANS is the true owners NIGHTMARE.

Tomorrow I will continue the story of KOLLAPSIS CONSTRUCTION LIMITED.

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