Turkey sued for $400bn in US for Cyprus property?

dcWashington DC based Tsimpedes Law Firm is allegedly filing a $400bn lawsuit against Turkey for owners of property in north Cyprus. Similar cases have been filed before but this one has been filed at a sensitive time for Turkey whose accession has been strengthening lately because Greece and Cyprus have said that they support Turkey’s accession into the EU.

There is little chance of it succeeding but publication of the provocative language of the law suit may be its prime intention, e.g. “despite recent findings of mass murders sites of civilians and others condemned by the international community, the Republic of Turkey has failed to cooperate with the civilized world. ”

There is even the possibility that this article is a spoof and has been placed in the Weekly Standard in order to cause problems for Turkey. Currently there is nothing on the Tsimpedes Law Firm website to verify that they are filing the action. Thanks to GeeJay of Cyprus44 for pointing this out.


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