“70 per cent of Turkish Cypriots have difficulties paying debts”

pollA report published yesterday by KADEM, which also conducts the EU’s Eurobarometer survey in north Cyprus, claimed that of the 1144 people surveyed in north Cyprus about:

60% are now eating into savings
10% cannot even pay for their basic needs
70% are have difficulties paying debts
40% are having serious problems making ends meet

Reasons for this include the fact that salaries for state employees have been frozen for three years and the cost of living has been steadily increasing.  Efforts to limit state spending was also blamed for paralysing the economy but so were “systematic problems” in the north Cyprus economy.

Another surprise in the report was that environmental problems were ranked highly among the problem experienced in the north:

72% said the quality of the natural environment had declined
70% complained of bad air quality

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