in Cyprus Today – 4/11/2009

cyprus-todayJockey in fake note allegation – leading British jockey Darryll Holland is being questioned by TRNC police about buying two telephones with fake US dollars

Talat ‘no vote’ to TRNC – a book about President Talat reveals that he considered declaring independence a big mistake

Swine flu closes schools –  10 schools closed

Gangs target flights to UK in passport scam – CTA have been fined £2000 for each passenger arriving in the UK with illegal documents, £52 000 in the last 3 years.

Birthplace spelling ‘wrong’ for passport –  the British High Commission has told Ali Cefa that he will have to accept that his birthplace should be now spelt as the internationally recognised Geunyeli instead of Gönyeli. In the end Ali accepted Nicosia as his birthplace. Editor – but surely it’s Lefkoşa?

Orams vigil – North Cyprus Property Platform is intending to hold a vigil outside the London Court of Appeal ahead of the Orams’ landmark appearance there next week

BRS is fully supporting Remembrance unveiling – contrary to reports in GC press

PM ‘nominated’ for president – it is not sure yet whether he will stand against President Talat in April

Warders banned from striking over attack – another disagreement between the government and the unions

Cash woes affecting two-thirds of people – see NCFP article

Man quizzed over deeds – GC police questioned a TC who entered the south with deeds to pre-74 GC property. He was released as it appears they were only interested in whether he was an estate agent

Youngsters bury the past to enjoy a spot of history – TC and GC kids toured the historical sites of Nicosia together

Union’s legal threat to hellim product – the GC Dairy Producer’s Union threatened legal action against a TC firm producing the cheese in Bulgaria for the British market. Apparently the union feels it owns the patent for the cheese.

TRNC helps put fizz in Tukish drinks industry – north Cyprus is Turkey’s biggest customer for soft drinks and its second for beer, raki and wine. Editor – why don’t they make their own?

Sir Stelios looks to break down borders – he’s offering €50 000 to promote bicommunal business co-operation

Spending boom as crossings continue to increase – last year TCs spent €19.9m in the south and GCs €7.4m in the north

President admits: no peace this year – no surprise

Winter of discontent lies ahead – the KADEM survey results show that, contrary to government reports, the downturn has reached north Cyprus. The prediction is that unions will press harder to prevent a further erosion of wages

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