TRNC Government are two-faced about Human Rights violations

OUT OF CONTROL!Whilst the elderly residents of Kulaskiz 5 live under siege the Government do nothing. It saddens me further to see reports of yet another arbitrary criminal eviction taking place at Mayfair Park Development in Tatlisu, the victims Michael and Sue Tapp aged 65 and 63. On this occasion police from Tatlisu allegedly arrived, without notice, told the owners they must immediately vacate the property and made sure that they did by moving their belonging out into the street. This type of behaviour is reminiscent of the films we all watched as youngsters, where the Sheriff in some wild west cowboy movie did the bidding of the evil Bank Manager and Cattle Baron and put the poor homesteaders out on the street.

Far from this happening in the early 19th century, this is happening at the beginning of the 21st century in a country where the TRNC government shout loudly at the rest of the world for violating their Human Rights, for denying them direct flights and for continuing their isolation by the embargoes inflicted upon them. This is happening here and now in the TRNC, a country recognised only by its saviour and staunchest supporter Turkey.

The TRNC has no manufacturing industry of note, no real exports and relies heavily on its tourism and property sectors. Why then are they hell-bent on killing the only potential to bring revenue into this distressed country? The negative publicity generated by these actions which seem to be building momentum can only elicit one conclusion; the TRNC are bent on committing suicide.

The siege of Kulaksiz 5 at Demokracy Sokak and the evictions at Mayfair Park Development are only the beginning. Any reaction by the Government to show they are aware of these abominations would be something, but no, not even a comment. Every man and his dog knows that the Government should take the lead and be proactive to stop this lunacy before more and more builders decide to take the law into their own hands. If the TRNC government continues to allow builders and bankers to ride rough-shod over the law, surely the future can only bring anarchy?

Am I the only person here wondering if the TRNC government has lost control?

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