Spring Gardening in North Cyprus

What a beautiful time of the year to be fortunate enough to be living in Northern Cyprus. If you ignore the cans, bottles and plastic bags that litter the roadsides you will see the wild anemones in delicate shades of off-white, lilac, pink and blues. The wild cyclamen is such a joy to behold with its attractive shaped leaves in a shade of green that is indescribable as are its flowers with just a hint of pink. A cacophony of wild flowers in every colour, from the wild orchid to the ever-present dandelion. All this is a gift of nature, some for a very short time because they will not survive the heat that follows this glorious time.

Looking in my garden I see the Freesia I so carefully dug out of my garden at K5 and before you ask, prior to the auction, I planted at least 200 bulbs and my reward is appearing every day. I found some seeds in a supermarket called dwarf snapdragon so, assuming they would be fairly squat, I planted them in my Grecian Urn-type pot only to find they are tall and it is the leaves and flowers that are dwarf but absolutely gorgeous and with a delicate perfume. I still have a great deal of work to do in my garden, but as they say here yavas, yavas.

I have some cultivated anemones, lots of South African daisies and of course the good old standby, guaranteed to grow and spread, marigolds. I confess I came to gardening late in life, as like most of you I spent my younger years earning a living and with very little time to ‘stand and stare’. Now I realise how much I must have missed along life’s way.

I share these lines with you from Leisure by William Henry Davies:

What is life if full of care?
We have no time to stand and stare.

I have made a committment to myself, every time I feel angry, every time I feel hard done by, every time I forget just how blessed I am, I will take the time to stand and stare at the beauty God gave us.

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