in Cyprus Today – 19/3/2011

Peek into the future – work could start next month on a 30-floor $65m hotel proposed for Girne

We’ve been left homeless – an ex-pat couple have been evicted from their home in Tatlısu for not paying the final payment which they say they withheld because the contract finish date was not adhered to. They have been refused entry to their home despite no eviction order being produced. The couples’ property was thrown out and the locks were changed. Editor: if you have no title deeds this could happen to you at any time.  The recent Kulaksiz 5 events seem to be emboldening builders.

Petrol prices rise… again – on average 9 kuruş and according to the petrol station owners this has nothing to do with their margin increase from 10 to 11%.

Expat breaks back in fall – Jeff Buller fell off a ladder and broke his heel and 12th vertebrate. His injuries are not expected to be permanent and he is currently recovering

Owner faced prosecution over taking photographs – one of the K5 owners was told it was illegal to take without permission photographs of bank staff repossessing K5 properties even though at the same time they were taking photographs of the K5 owners without their permission. Editor: I wonder if a lawyer present at the time made that law up on the spot so he could bully K5 residents?

Group pleads with President for Kulaksiz 5 help – Marion Stokes of HBPG has written to Yaprak Renda, a human rights lawyer in the President’s Office, begging for something to be done about K5. Editor: perhaps she could ask for a reply to all the other communications made to that office over the last few years.

Colourful fleet for new carrier – if North Cyprus Airlines eventual launches it will be part of the Star Alliance and able to issue tickets to 1160 destinations in 181 countries


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