Akfinans Bank issues more eviction writs to K5 property scam victims

It seems that for those actually resident at Kulaksiz 5, the nightmare continues. More writs that precede the eviction procedures have now been served. I suppose that at least on this occasion, Akan Kursat is following the legal procedure for his clients Akfinans Bank Limited.

The Bank of course will have you believe they have no choice, that the law says they must have disposed of these villas within one year of acquiring Kulaksiz 5, so that would be by 6th June 2011. We might all be impressed with their wanting to comply with this legal obligation if we were not aware of the following facts, Akfinans Bank Limited:

  1. gave a mortgage on Kulaksiz 5 and took as security land no longer available for that purpose;
  2. used a Mafia style rate of interest on this mortgage;
  3. illegally and forcibly repossessed No. 5 Democrasy Sokak, and tried to run over Chris Smith in the process;
  4. used intimidatory, bully boy tactics to scare the residents of Kulaksiz 5;
  5. forcibly entered the villa of Mrs E McCluskey without legal sanction, the first time unsuccessfully, the second time successfully.

Would Akfinans Bank Limited now have us believe that they are worried about complying with the law as far as the disposal of the villas within one year is concerned? Akfinans Bank Limited, in my opinion, you do not respect the law, you do not respect the lives of other human beings, you terrorise and intimidate to get what you want. You have, in my opinion, cruelly violated the Human Rights of each and every true owner on Kulakszi 5.

This Bank and its legal representative must know that what they are doing is morally, ethically and in some instances legally reprehensible, but still they do it. If you were to ask them how they sleep at night they would probably reply “very well thank you.” I am sure the residents of Kulaksiz 5 would love to be able to make the same reply.

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