Robin’s Snippets – 22/3/2011

Another batch of surprises! I see the issue of pollution finally made the local press last weekend when Cyprus Today reported sewage contamination in the harbour in Girne. For years I have been hearing tourists complain about culinary delights passed off as real Cypriot cuisine in the majority of the restaurants there. The smells and the less than “historic” content of the harbour are an added bonus to the “fresh fish” and on top of that the floating remains of yesterdays’ dinner can be studied while you eat. The reason it is not cleared up appears to be the lack of an office for the workers to sit in while Turkey pays.

Ex-CTA workers to get priority in the handing out of new jobs at the new state airline. The responsible (I use the term loosely) Mr Hamza Ersan Saner (no pun intended) seems not to comprehend that these very people were the reason the state airline failed. The protest recently where ex-CTA staff dressed up in bin-liners to highlight their being treated like rubbish by the state makes me smile ruefully. Now they know how their customers felt over the years. If anything it is a sign the state is beginning not to discriminate anymore. This must be a good sign. I thought it was only foreign investors who put their life savings into the country who got treated as rubbish. Well done Mr Saner, at last someone is putting a balance approach into action.

New laws to protect property developers from claims by customers. Yes I know it’s been a long time coming, but at last there is light at the end of the tunnel for the hard pressed construction industry. I am reliably informed that it will be illegal from 1st April for any foreign property buyer to complain about a) the standard of work, b) the absence of any work, c) deceitful invoices, d) re-mortgaging the land in contradiction to the contract, e) complaining about anything in the contract, f) issues of quality of build (misnomer) g) land measurement or in general anything. The new law reads “pay your money and take what you get.” That is, I am assured, a pretty accurate translation (not exactly verbatim) of what the developers are suggesting is needed to get the country out of the doldrums. I personally can’t wait to see the next rush of buyers come off the new planes. Mr Kücük and Mr Eroglu you have done a superb job up to now. The Prime Minister’s creation of the highly effective Property Complaints Office was just the start. Carry on gentlemen; I’m sure you have much more in your armoury to combat the negative PR that is the only thing currently being massed produced by the TRNC.

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