Startling Conclusion in Cyprus Talks - 'Peace Is Possible'

Startling Conclusion in Cyprus Talks - 'Peace Is Possible'United Nations chief’s special advisor, Espen Barth Eide, shocked all those present at the press conference following his two-hour briefing to the members of the Security Council.

“I do think that peace is possible, and that within the parameters of the leader-led process a solution can be found,” he said.

Perhaps someone should tell him that since the north and south sides of Cyprus separated, and the initial violence subsided, there has been decades of peace on the island. Turkish Cypriots had not experienced such a degree of security for a long time. Not only that, they have also experience a degree of autonomy not available to them for over a century.

In my opinion, what Turkish Cypriots want is to be a part of the EU, independent of both the south and Turkey. What they need is to stand on their own feet and become economically self sustaining and experience the shock of making ends meet like the rest of the world. Oh, put that way, perhaps what Turkish speaking Cypriots secretly want, just as  Greek speaking Cypriots want, are perpetual Cyprus Talks so they can blame their ineptitude on the Cyprus Problem.

Or perhaps they do want a permanent solution? It’s hard to tell.

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