Another Reason There Will Not Be a Cyprus Problem Settlement

Another Reason There Will Not Be a Cyprus Problem SettlementYet again, Greek Cypriot activists are pushing for an embargo of North Cyprus commercial activity in an attempt to force it to accept a settlement which favours Greek Cypriots. This time it is in the form of a protest against advertising North Cyprus holidays on London buses. The website carrying this call to bombard the Mayor of London, Transport for London, and the Advertising Standards Authority with a couple of dozen protest letters is interesting only in the language it uses.

‘Turkey’s illegal subordinate regime in the occupied area of Cyprus is currently running a major advertising campaign on London buses and underground stations. We find it highly offensive that the occupied north of Cyprus is being promoted for the enjoyment of British tourists – while the legitimate inhabitants – the refugees and displaced persons are prevented from returning by Turkey and its apartheid regime.’ [More of the same]

I could go on, as they do, but I won’t.

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9 comments to Another Reason There Will Not Be a Cyprus Problem Settlement

  • fluter

    I find it offensive that THEY can be so offensive. Settlement my ar*e!

  • Cyprus Sue

    Desperation for a few sad people. The good news is that last time they prevented this from happening even before the adverts went up and representatives attended Tourist Promotions. This is now going to be allowed and a few ill advised, bitter, can’t move forward GC’s will have no effect except allowing the world to see who it is that really don’t want a settlement.

  • Jerry

    People who want their property back and resent those who stole it are activists!

    I’ve read some bloody tripe on ncfp but this takes the biscuit.

  • Dominic Freeman

    You are right Jerry, ‘activists’ was the wrong word. Now what was the word I was thinking of, help me readers, what is a better word for the Greek Cypriots who are trying to starve the north into submission and force them into depending on Turkey for money.

  • Miltiades

    [shush reason=”rant”]English cheapskates, ex council tenants, lowly educated, mostly SUN readers and rather stupid, make derogatory remarks knowing sweet fa about the CYPROB.

    Farter in particular but also the resident journalist imposter!!

    People protest at the continued usurpation of their ancestral lands and they call them …activists. Go to hell you senile old, unwashed, unrefined peasants.[/shush]

  • Miltiades

    [shush reason=”rant”]” Racism and hate were always components of Turks, whether we look at the Ottomans or the more contemporary Kemalists. Let’s not forget that ‘Turkey’ itself is a country created by bloody conquests followed by systematic ethnic cleansing – Greek lands to the North-East (Constantinople, part of Pontus and Asia Minor) , Russian lands in the North (the rest of Pontus), Armenian lands, the Syrian Alexandretta region, and the lands of the Kurds.
    Even today Turkey’s attitude is that of an expansionist aggressive state that seems willing to undermine even the most basic human rights and international governance laws both within Turkey (eg. Kurds), but also outside it (eg. Cyprus). In every country there are nationalists, but nationalism does not excuse centuries of killings, usurpation of land, oppression and tortures. Nor does it excuse denying responsibility even for crimes where there are overwhelming evidence to show that Turkey is in the wrong (eg. Armenian Genocide, Cyprus and the Kurds).
    When Germany lost the 2nd World War, yes they blamed everything on nationalism and the Nazis, but they recognised the Holocaust, amended their relationships with the states that suffered as a result of this nationalism and repented for their errors. Even if nationalism is responsible for all the crimes that Turkey has committed, how many more centuries and how many more crimes will it take for Turkey to step up, admit its guilt and correct itself?”

    You have all thrown your support well behind Turkey, a nation that is intolerant to its Kurdish large minority, 20 million,
    Intolerant towards criticism from its own intellectuals arresting them and threatening death. An active supporter and sympathiser of the savages calling themselves Isis.An increasingly Islamatized nation that currently occupies a part of Cyprus under the pretext of protecting the T/Cs.

    Ashame on all you ignoramus low down peasants.[/shush]

  • AM

    Yep I think that confirms it,…… The man’s gone mad !

  • Cyprus Sue

    For once can’t the GC take Turkey out of this and see this as the TC attempting to promote their Tourism market. An improved market would benefit both communities if there is a settlement. You are not hurting Turkey so much as the TC and in the long run perhaps yourselves. You are keeping the TC totally dependent on Turkey and surely you realise this is not good for Cypriots?

  • AM

    Sue, according to the GC’s if the milk went sour in the fridge it would be Turkey’s fault.
    The only solution for them is to get full control of Cyprus AGAIN and drive the TC’s out.
    I read that last week the GC’s have put “pre conditions” into the talks that were started and agreed there would be no pre conditions at the start.
    It baffles me why they allow the GC’s to constantly de-rail the talks ?