Review of North Cyprus Car MOT v UK MOT

Review of North Cyprus Car MOT v UK MOTI’m just about to have my car annual MOT here in the UK, at Halfords because they have a half price offer of £29.99. The last car MOT I’d been through was a North Cyprus Car MOT, three years ago, and I’d not been through a UK MOT for about 10 years.

In North Cyprus the 3 year MOT, back in 2013, cost 124 TL (£40) plus 24.50TL for the emission test which the car failed until the tester fiddle with the car and got it through. The UK MOT has been standardised so that you know what to expect as described in the Halfords MOT checklist. In North Cyprus no such luck, it seemed a bit hit and miss as described in my On The Island diary entry for 19th August 2013, North Cyprus Car MOT. As you can read there, in my case I was lucky that the man at the test centre who could work the test machine had just gone to the lunch so the car got through with a cursory look over.

The real difference comes when problems arise, in the UK replacing Ford CMax brake pads cost around £95 whereas Ziggy replacing them on my Renault 5 cost a fraction of that. In fact an annual service in North Cyprus, including brake pad replacement, would cost about that. At least it did the last time I had a car serviced.

Of course, many of the vehicles which are allowed on the roads in North Cyprus would never be allowed on UK roads and that might be down to the three-yearly MOT there.

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2 comments to Review of North Cyprus Car MOT v UK MOT

  • fluter

    I knew someone in TRNC who had his MoT done over the phone!

  • Maggie Daniel

    And the good news is my car passed with no advisories! They even said what a very clean car it is!