EC Chief Confident of Cyprus Settlement by June 2016

EC Chief Confident of Cyprus Settlement by June 2016European Commission chief, Jean-Claude Juncker, today stated that he is “very confident” that the north and south sides in Cyprus will reach an agreement to reunite Cyprus by June of this year.

“I am very confident that in the first six months of this year we will come to a final agreement on the reunification of that island,” he told a press conference in Brussels.

But then he seemed to step back from his confident statement and instead expressed hope rather than certainty.

“I certainly hope that will be the case because I very much like the Cypriots,” Juncker said. “I think they are very, very efficient, intelligent and hard working and very educated people on both sides of the island.”

If only it was as simple as that and that flattery could change anything. Hopefully, he has knowledge of the agreements that have been reached between the two sides, and knowledge of the disagreements, but somehow I doubt he knows the real reason the two sides have not reached an agreement in over forty years.

Put simply, they are best kept apart and they know it. Any agreement which allows one group of Cypriots to have power over the lives of the other is doomed to failure. If the negotiators, and eventually the referendum voters, ignore this then they do so at the country’s peril, in my opinion.

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