North Cyprus Estate Agents the next target?

So, having won their court case against a trespasser on Greek Cypriot property in the north now it looks like lawyers in the south are preparing a case against those instructed by Turkish Cypriots, for example, to sell these properties. Of course they cannot target Turkish Cypriot Estate Agents, so instead their aim is to find a British Estate Agent who has assets in the EU.

Several Estate Agents come to mind but most have left behind their contacts with the old country and are therefore not suitable targets. There has always been a south Cyprus law which meant that sellers of GC property would be arrested if they ever set foot in the south, rather than bothering with “trespassing” individuals, whether they be TC cheap labour working in the south or otherwise.

Now, according to Overseas Property Professional there seems to be the beginnings of a campaign to find a suitable case which if successful would prevent EU citizens rushing to the TRNC to set up an Estate Agency during a recession and worldwide property slump. Clever thinking or are they struggling to maintain the momentum after plans to target visitors to the TRNC were ridiculed in the south?

It is beginning to look as if the legal approach to solving the Cyprus problem is beginning to lose steam. It looks like the TRNC government will refuse permission to demolish the Orams’ villa and point out that Mr A should now be using the Immovable Property Commission (IPC) instead of wasting valuable EU court time. This was not an option open at the time Mr A started his original legal battle, but if the fight over his property is now with the TRNC rather than the EU then he may be forced to use the IPC or give up all hope of having his property returned.

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