Archbishop leaflets parishioners to vote NO to Cyprus settlement

ARCHBISHOP Chrysostomos II has already made up his mind that his parishioners should vote NO if ever a referendum is held as a result of the current Cyprus Talks.  He had leaflets prepared for distribution at churches two weeks ago and will not accept that he does not have the right to use his office to impose his views on churchgoers.  His justification for abusing his privileged office to spread his views is that he was entitled as a citizen to express these views.

In the leaflets he expressed his view that Christofias should pull out of the talks and if he didn’t he wanted churchgoers to vote NO in a referendum because, amongst other things, he didn’t want there to be a possibility that a mainland Turk might end up as President of the Federal Republic. When challenged about this view, even though the leaflets had been approved by him, the Archbishop said he did not necessarily agree with them.

When Chrysostomos was then asked whether he would continue to distribute political leaflets in churches, he avoided the question and instead replied, “nobody has disputed the content of the leaflets. If those who got the leaflets or books disagreed with them, they would have thrown them away or returned them. Since that didn’t happen, I don’t believe I am dividing the Cypriot people… I can’t tell you now whether it will continue or not.”

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