in Cyprus Today – 27/1/2010

‘Detectives hired to trace owners’ – it is alleged that GCs are hiring detectives to trace EU citizens trespassing on GC properties. Details are being posted Cyprus Forum. It is alleged that they won’t have to serve a writ as they can now put an advert in a newspaper. This means that the TRNC’s intentions to arrest people serving writes would be thwarted. The TRNC might also stop the publication of writs in local newspapers. Editor: surely they can deliver the writ to a home in the EU? Why bother going after anyone without such an asset, especially if they are a permanent resident in the TRNC? Some of the names mentioned on the above site are in that position so it would be interested to see if they’ll go after TRNC residents now, including every trespassing TC in the north? All because of the EU judge who ruled that feta was a name patented by Greece.

Passport Ministers branded hypocrites – Union leader Sener Elcil has slammed the UBP government as being ‘hypocritical’ after claims some ministers hold Republic of Cyprus passports. This is despite their political opposition to the Republic and backing for permanent division of the island.

Greek Cypriots disabled site claims owner – Cyprus 44 has been down since last Tuesday when the Orams verdict was announced. Izzet Zorlu said that there was information that the attack was organised by Greek Cypriots but added that he hoped it would be back and running by Friday next week. He said 17,000 computers attacked their server and disabled it.

Order of the boot – The Orams are packed and ready to go but are still holding out for and eleventh hour reprieve. They have requested their villa to be demolished.”We are still waiting for our meeting with the government”.

The Future’s bright, even after Orams – The future is bright for the property market in North Cyprus, estate agents have said in response to the Orams case. Kate from Ian Smith Estate agency said”we have heard the government is going to make a statement, which should build up confidence again”.

Britain could do a lot more, says Ozgurgun – Britain has been criticised for doing little to help the peace talks. Huseyin Ozgurgun, Turkish Cypriot Foreign Minister and cabinet spokesperson said that the UK could do more to help the negotiations.

Talat remains committed despite ‘bombs’ thrown at talks – He said the failure to win (Orams case) was a ‘devastating development’ but said he would not be quitting the talks.

Give peace deal a chance or cut us into world pack – President Talat insists that a settlement would make the difference. It would enshrine a deal on property into public policy of a new united Cyprus, giving Turkish Cypriots a fair crack of the whip to regain their lost land too. While the division of Cyprus remains, those who sold up lock, stock and barrel for their place in the sun are safe. It is people like the Orams, with property or assets back in the UK or other EU member countries, who are at risk. This includes Turkish Cypriots or any other nationality. Editor: we’ll see.

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