The Orams villa will not be demolished

Hasan Ercakica, TRNC government spokesperson confirmed, as expected, that the TRNC will not be implementing the British Court of Appeal’s decision concerning the Orams case. Instead he  called on Greek Cypriot refugee Meletis Apostolides to file an application to the Immovable Property Commission (IPC), set up specifically for the return of property in the north. So far, the only winners have been the lawyers. In the case of the Orams’ lawyers they will be paid around £800,000 to lose the case and Mr A’s lawyers will be paid much the same in order to not win his property back.

Ercakica confirmed that in addition to the legal support the TRNC have provided to the Orams, they are doing everything in their power in order to soften the impact of the lawsuit.  He also confirmed that the TRNC government are determined to show that any decisions made in EU courts will never be implemented in northern Cyprus.

“The decision of this court, including the demolition of the house, the return of the property and everything like that, will not be implemented in northern Cyprus. Let the court itself find the way of implementing this decision. If Apostolides wants the return of his property, let him apply to the Immovable Property Commission.”

Meanwhile, according to an interview with the daily Halkin Sesi newspaper, the Orams explained that they are packing their belongings in order to move out of the house according to instructions passed down to them in the UK Court of Appeal.  They also added that are still living in the house while they pack but would of course be moving out as soon as possible.

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