Kulaksiz 5 – North Cyprus nature ramble to observe rare occurance

StinkerNow that Akfinans have effectively emasculated some of the media and probably frightened the rest, if I were a cynical person I would I expect them to take advantage of the fact that the eyes of the media will not be upon them in following few days. Would I, for instance, think that they might do the unthinkable and use this time to physically remove the rest of the elderly frail residents without the necessary legal sanction?

No surely they wouldn’t do that, would they? Silly me, they did it to me and Eva McCluskey didn’t they? Maybe I imagined it and if I go to my villa In Democrasi Sokak, I’ll wake up in the shower and find it was all a dream (Bobby Ewing of Dallas has a lot to answer for}

Could they really take the law completely into their own hands and physically evict the remaining owners? Could they break into the villas of the absentee owners and throw their furniture into the street? Could they use this time of a press blackout to what they might consider their advantage? Well I couldn’t possibly comment but I am sure you can make up your own minds on that.

Now readers and friends of the Kulaksiz 5, I have an invitation for you. In the next few days a very rare plant will appear in and around the hedgerows of the area where Kulaksiz 5 stands. I have no idea exactly when it will appear, but I am sure you would not want to miss this rare opportunity to witness it in flower, I think it might be a member of the cactus family as its flowering period is so short. I know the staff at NCFP are very keen to see it, as am I. For this reason I want you all to collaborate, exchange phone numbers, perhaps each delegated person could hold three phone numbers so that we could alert each other to this very rare event and that way no-one will miss it. You must bring your camcorders and cameras; you can then show this rare bloom to all your friends and family. Perhaps some of the press would like to take advantage of this very rare occurrence.

Perhaps our Editor can come up with some way that we can communicate with each other so that no-one is left out?


If you are interested in filming the rare bank orchid, Akfinanas snatchit revealing its true nature in full bloom then contact us using the form below. You will be informed of the system we will be using to contact you if A.snatchit blooms and you should then make your way to the site as soon as possible with any other nature lovers – remember photos and camcorders only please. Hopefully this little plant will be Pressed soon after.

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