North Cyprus Property Problems: Kulaksiz 5 website launched at

evilKulaksiz 5 has now launched its own website

To coincide with the launch Akfinans Bank Limited have been at it again.  When one of the residents visited Lapta Beledeysi to pay his monthly water bill, he was greeted with, “it has been paid.” The Bank have contacted the the Beledeysi and informed them that the villas on Kulaksz 5 are theirs and they have paid the water bills for the entire development.

My immediate reaction was good, I wonder if they will pay the electricity bill for the whole development too. Remember the tariff is still on builder’s rates so that is expensive. My euphoria was short-lived. Akfinans Bank Limited would never do anything without an ulterior motive. They now have control over the water supply and quite possibly intend to do the same with the electricity supply. I can hear loud shouts of ‘they cannot do that’ normal caring people would not dream of doing such a thing, I really do not think the words normal and caring could ever be applied to this particular Bank.

They should not have given a mortgage using land that had already been sold – They did it

They should not have advanced further money to borrowers already in arrears – They did it

They should not have kept the mortgage a secret from the original purchasers – They did it

They should not have demanded payment from the true owners –  They did it

They should not have charged 80% per quarter compound (reduced rate) – They did it

They should not forcibly repossessed Pauline Read’s villa without legal sanction – They did it

They should not used a vehicle as a weapon against Agile Chris –  They did it

They should not have repossessed Eva McCluskey’s villa without legal sanction – They did it

The fact is that they now have control over a basic commodity, water, the supply of water is the right of every human being on the planet and to deny that right is yet another violation of the Human Rights of the frail elderly pensioners on Kulaksiz 5. Will they deny the residents their right to a supply of water?. Will they do the same with the electricity? Since I personally have yet to see them do anything decent or honourable, I will keep my opinion to myself.

That such intimidation can be taking place in the 21st century defies belief. That so-called civilised fellow human beings are meting out such cruel barbaric treatment to a group of pensioners whose ages range from 63 to 88 years old leaves me speechless. The one younger couple on the development are there to try to protect the interest of their mother who is also a pensioner and is crippled with multiple sclerosis and far too ill to travel here. I have lost count of the number of Human Rights we have had violated, including the right to a voice, the gagging of the local press has virtually silenced that voice.

It is too late. The world is beginning to learn what the local people of the TRNC already know. Kulaksiz 5 and all the other victims of the Property Scams in the TRNC are suffering a grave injustice. The Government refuse to act, the Bank does exactly as it pleases and the only use it appears to have for the law, is to threaten their victims with it.

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