Do You Think The Cyprus Talks Will Succeed This Time?

Cyprus Problem PollI have just published my 2010 article outlining why the Cyprus Talks would fail then but what about now? What do you think?

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8 comments to Do You Think The Cyprus Talks Will Succeed This Time?

  • Cyprus Sue

    Who knows if the island will finally see reunification? It is not so much the Cypriot people but more the political parties who appear to put their own self interests first, with little regard to what is best for their peoples and country.Despite the fact that little has been divulged during the talks we are already being subjected to the rants of GC politicians warning of the dangers of reunification. The propaganda began immediately. What I do know is that it will be now or never. Enough is enough and if a vote results in a no, then that in itself, will be the solution, as the TRNC will be recognised and partition permanent.

    Having said this I also think there is more reason for hope than ever before. The island remains cash strapped, the ROC with its austerity measures and when the Trokia withdraws I see a return to the spend, spend, spend culture and ever spiraling debt picked up as usual by the tax payer. The North has completely failed to take responsibility for its own financial stability and has been far too reliant on Turkey who have been cutting financial aid year by year. It has become evident that Turkey also has no faith in the way the TRNC is managed and their finances spent.

    A settlement would boost the economies of both sides in tourism, off shore gas,direct access and the economic rewards that would follow which is said to be about 20 billion euros so there really is a finacial incentive.

  • Miltiades

    I will most certainly, if I had a vote, fully support the reunification of Cyprus on one condition.

    The G/Cs will never vote Yes if Turkey insists on being a guarantor for the entire island. The vast majority, in my opinion, as high as 80% plus will NEVER accept Turkey, the invader and occupier of our northern parts, as a guarantor of our independence and sovereignty.

    Cyprus was the first nation on earth to adopt Christianity, ( Although born Christian I do not believe in the mythology surrounding a Creator ).

    Turkey is slowly and surely becoming “islamatized” , no other overwhelmingly Christian nation has ever accepted an Islamic nation as a guarantor of its sovereignty. Cyprus is a modern European nation, its people liberated from the constrains of religious dogma.

    This to me is Non negotiable.

    There are many other difficult issues to be resolved, property, citizenship, settlers, freedom of habitation etc, all can be resolved and negotiated, but Turkey as a guarantor NEVER.

  • Ian Edwards

    And that’s the fundamental problem, Yiannis. Having lived in Saudi Arabia for more than a decade, I tend to agree with you that a Muslim nation should never be in a position to have any control over a non-Muslim country. That’s a pretty bald statement, but in my opinion there are many complex reasons why that situation just shouldn’t occur.

    But that guarantor status simply meant that Turkey was able to legally intervene when Greece attempted to take over the island, and protect the rights (and lives) of the TCs. The fact that they never left is another issue.

    Yiannis, if Turkey is no longer a guarantor in any settlement, how could the rights of TCs then be protected, if the GCs decided they wanted the whole island to become Greek? Again.

    I too would like to see a settlement agreed, and Sue’s last paragraph points out why. But your last paragraph highlights why such a settlement will almost certainly never occur.

  • Miltiades

    Turkey will not need a legal right to ” interne” given the scenario you highlighted.

    You also have to bear in mind that the two communities lived in peace and harmony for hundreds of years. The stumbling block is the erroneous belief that Cyprus is not the true motherland of all Cyprios and that somehow either Greece or Turkey is.

    You never eradicate this beleif completely but a multi Cypriot party consisting of all Cypriots would be a step towards cementing a permanent peace on the island. There are many Cypriots from both communities who harbour similar views as mine.

    Realities have to be faced however. The G/Cs arrived on the island not as conquerors, have been on the island for thousands of years, have been Christian since Christianity developed. These are realities that can not be brushed under the carpet.

    I oonsider the native to Cyprus T/Cs as my true compatrios and would never express views to the contrary.

  • Ian Edwards

    Unfortunately, Yiannis, there are other realities that you keep on ignoring. That is, that the TCs have also been on the island for hundreds of years, are not Christian, and don’t want to speak Greek. You can’t brush that under the carpet either.

    In fact, the two communities have only lived in true peace and harmony for the past 41 years…..

  • Miltiades

    That is where your utterly wrong. There has never been any friction prior to the late 50s early 60s.

    You can not say ” TCs have ALSO ( MY CAPITALS) been on the island for hundreds of years ”

    The T/Cs developed following the conquest of Cyprus by the Ottoman empire some 500 years ago.
    However this in immaterial, those that want to embrace Cyprus as their homeland have every right to do so just as the G/Cs have.
    Religion has never been an issue between the two communities. May I also add that I consider all religions as nothing more than pure mythologie, none more so than Islam, a ludicrous, violent, non tolerant to other faiths.

  • AM

    Well with 51 votes cast so far its a resounding NO,…. just as I would have thought really.

  • There are many peace initiatives going on all over the World. Bodies external to the parties involved, like the United Nations, have to make optimistic statements as part of their purpose. Many unresolved situations, Palestinian/Israeli, North/South Cyprus, India/Pakistan, at least a dozen in Africa and others have been going on for many years. Currently few show signs of resolution. This is because individuals and groups of people are unable to make original choices, they cannot alter who they are. Changes only occur by evolution, when the right passage of time and the required number of causes are in place to effect the change. We are all just part of history, we are unable to change it even though we are part of the changes. We are also unable to predict the future, although we can make reasonably informed guesses. In my opinion the present situation in Cyprus is unlikely to change any time soon.