What Is The Problem With Finding A Dog Friendly Hotel

dog friendly hotelWhat Is The Problem With Finding A Dog Friendly Hotel

Having spent hours trying to book a Dog Friendly Hotel for myself, Mal and Ellie our Golden Retriever, as I did last year, I’m stunned how difficult it has become. I’ve left plenty of time so that’s not the reason. This year the problem has been a mixture of a lack of quality dog friendly accommodation at a reasonable price and extortionate charges for including a dog.

Last year we booked into a QHotel,  Chesford Grange, for 3 nights at around £115 a night half board, with a dog charge of £15 for the whole period. This year not only has the accommodation price increased but now they are charging £20 a night for Ellie, our dog. How can QHotel,  Chesford Grange, justify this charge when, apart from hoovering the carpet, they give nothing in return.

I’m still looking, but in the Warwick area there seems to be very few Dog Friendly Hotels and so I’m now looking at bed and breakfast accommodation.What surprises me is that so far, for a relatively small charge of £5, some are even including a dog bowl and a blanket.

In an area so close to Crufts Dog Show, surely hotels are shooting themselves in the foot and, as the image below shows, surely dogs are preferable to people as hotel guests.

dog friendly hotel

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