Demetris Christofias, KGB’s Friend, Soon to Become EU President

If Alexander Lupanov, writing for the Cyprus Mail, is to be believed then the EU might want to reconsider letting Christofias take over the rotating Presidency of the EU in July. Lupanov makes several obtuse references to The President’s link with Russia and how he helped circumvent EU sanctions on Syria. Writing of the ship MV Chariot, carrying military cargo from Russia to Syria, detained at Limassol, he says:

“The Cypriots did not arrest the cargo and instead asked the ship’s owners to change the route and not go towards Syria. The latter promised to do so but, as soon as the ship left Limassol, it turned off the automatic identification system and disappeared. And some time later, the Chariot with its military cargo entered the Syrian port of Tartus. Well done Demetris.”

Lupanov explains this willingness to help Russia party because of not only emotional ties but partly because of financial attachments with the country:

“Blessed are those who believe that such big loans are given just because you have beautiful eyes. Demetris Christofias will have to work off in full such considerable, truly political support. For starters, according to sources familiar with the situation, he was insistently asked, as a confidential condition for the provision of the Russian financial help, to assist in every way with credits to Cypriots from the Bank of Moscow.”

The writer then goes on to clearly link Christofias with the KGB:

“Such a person, a Communist to the core that surely worked with the KGB in his time, is a Godsend for the current Russian elite, made up of former members of the esteemed organisation. They would not pass the opportunity to exploit these old ties in the interests of the country; not to mention personal interests.”

Christofias is then accused by Lupanov of turning Cyprus into a mini-Russia:

“Moreover, in an arrangement unthinkable in a country that is a member of the European Union, the island’s president tried to exert pressure on local courts, as happens in our country! It appears that under President Christofias Cyprus has become a full-blown component of the Russian Federation, with all adverse consequences of such an arrangement. Could supreme power on the Mediterranean island now be under the control of the FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation?”



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