Popular Science News | Control your PC with the Wave of the Hand

Microsoft’s new Humantenna leads the way in using hand movements to control a PC. The idea is that you wear a watch which transmits a signal to a device, for example putting a finger to your lips mutes your mobile phone. The more obvious use is gameplaying, for example in a boxing match against a computer opponent. The principle of this device is that the entire human body becomes a device transmitting a signal which the device picks up.

The second innovation is called SoundWave and works by the device transmitting an inaudible sound-wave which changes pitch if a hand is moved through it, for example. This change is used to determine which kind of action has caused the sound change and this can be quite accurately determined. This technology is being used to turn the pages on an ebook and to wake up your PC the moment you move close to it.

At the moment the detected movements are quite coarse but it won’t be long I’m sure before full size keyboards and mousepads will be projections on tabletops which you can use to type and control a cursor.



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