Cyprus44 should be up tomorrow

cyprus44A message for Cyprus44’s Izzet says that, “I’ve been trying hard to bring the website up. I had some issues configuring the dedicated server. My expert friend will be coming today at 6pm and we will work with him all night. Cyprus44 should be up and running tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.”

He continued in an email sent to NCFP, “I read your article titled ‘Cyprus44 – what is a DDoS attack?’ and I want to clarify that the website was hosted on a premium shared server with no more than 100 websites (not 600 unlike many other shared platforms).  Also, more importantly, the DDoS attack is not aimed at one of the websites hosted on the same server, but aimed at directly.  So, the hosting company made our website unavailable, so the other websites on the server are not affected.

I also want to comment that the customer support of FastHosts is not very good. Nevertheless, their dedicated server options are the best value on the market. That is why I keep using them. People who comment about “cheaper, better value” dedicated servers usually do not understand the exact requirements needed to run Cyprus44 also requires a dedicated MS SQL database (which costs as much as the server itself) and a lot of bandwidth :)”

As he had said he would, Izzet has transferred Cyprus44 to a more powerful, dedicated server (not shared with a 100 other websites) which will help avoid the problems that Cyprus44 has been experiencing this year. It is also clear that the reason he has not been sending regular updates is because he has been busy trying to get service back to normal. So, all of you who have had to use other less satisfying means to get your daily fix of banter, tomorrow you should be getting the real thing again!

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