Cyprus44 – what is a DDoS attack?

ddosWhen you create a website it is hosted on the PC (server) of a company set up to host these websites, e.g. 1and1. When you type another server, called a DNS server, directs you to the website on the host’s server so you can load the website. I believe that Cyprus44 shares a server with 600 other websites and what may be happening is that 1000s of hacked PCs are, unknown to their owners, accessing Cyprus44 at the same time so that not only does that website slow down but so does the other 599! This is called a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack.

Unfortunately for Cyprus44, the hosting company cannot allow the other 599 customers to be affected by the attack so it has to close the website down. Before the website can be put back online the host will then determine the ips (addresses) of the attacking PCs and methodically block them; but this takes time.

I believe that once Izzet discovers that this is what is happening then he intends to move Cyprus44 to a more powerful dedicated server so that not only can the website still function when attacked but the attack will not affect other websites and therefore the hosting company will not be forced to close Cyprus44 down.

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