in Cyprus Today – 25/11/2009

ctProtesters met with tear gas – civil servants protesting against pay cuts outside Parliament in Lefkoşa were met by riot police. 16 protesters were arrested and 7 people were injured. Banners were displayed protesting that whereas a junior civil servant would receive 1250TL pm, government deputies would receive 16,000TL pm.

Greek Church launches new legal action – against Turkey for preventing worship at its religious sites in north Cyprus.

The Italians are coming – Northern Travel Ltd has struck a deal to bring 7,200 Italian tourists to north Cyprus next year

It’s Christmas! – a list of Christmas period events including St Andrew’s Church Christmas Bazaar in Girne at 10am, Saturday 28th November.

PM’s U-turn on swine flu injection – he is having one after all in order to allay fears that the vaccine might be dangerous

Ministry leads probe into £2,000 visa fine – Julie McCarthy returned to north Cyprus knowing that because her temporary residence visa had expired 48 days earlier she would have to pay a fine. There has been a family crisis and she was told there was a 6oTL per day fine; around £1,170. At Ercan she claims she was intimidated into paying £2000, a situation not helped by the fact that she is registered as blind in the UK

Hunter shot my beloved dog – Jacky Wilson was out walking her four dogs when they came across two hunters. Her boxer dog started to jump up at one of the hunters so he shot him at close range. They walked off while Jackie attended to the injured pet. The dog is recovering but her vet bill will be over £1000

Well accident shows dangers – a hunter broke his ankle when he fell down a well.

Flights may be hit by fog – at Istanbul airports over the next week

Referees boycott football matches – because of an argument between the Cyprus Turkish Football Federation and the Referee’s Central Board over decisions made after a football match results was made void.

Construction firms demand fair treatment Editor: you’ve got to laugh. Actually its over unfair competition giving Turkish firms an edge when bidding for major projects. TC firms are alleging that Turkish firms are being given tax advantages and reduced customs fees.

‘We’ll go to court’ pledge over new civil service laws – the ruling UBP party’s controversial laws to revamp the civil service were passed despite the CTP deputies walking out before the debate and a failed attempt by the TDP leader to “talk out” the bill. Despite being within his right to talk as long as he wished, the TDP leader was removed from the podium so that voting could commence. The TDP leader was quoted as saying his removal was in the “footsteps of facism.” The laws are set to be introduced on 1st January but have to be approved by the President.

Shopkeepers hit out at Vakiflar Administration – rents of Girne shopkeepers are being increased by 15%

Evkaf assualt claims by Girne resident – retired journalist Gary Chapman disturbed a civil servant’s lunch break

‘Misleading advert’ probe by police – police are investigating the Financial Management Associates claim to return around 20%pa on investments in one of their funds. FMA executive Leeann Kennedy says they are acting within the law in selling these Turkish Lira offshore investments and was quoted as saying “the Central Bank is trying to spread an element of doubt about them in order to reduce fair and legal competition.”

Snakes in your house? Don’t panic, call the hotline – dial 153 and remember that it is illegal to kill protected animals or to destroy their habitat. Editor: even if it’s a broom cupboard?

Embargoed! congratulated – by the TRNC Foreign Minister during NCFP contributor Fevzi Hussein’s visit

Dedication to a settlement by Rauf Denktaş – the founder of the TRNC talks of the bizonal federation that he and Makarios agreed on back in 1977; “one people, one state, one sovereignty, one citizenship.” He also points out that the formation of “the government of Cyprus,” as he calls the RoC, was against the “Rules of Law and the [London and Zurich] Agreements.”

Civil service unions poised to strike – this time in Turkey

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