Cyprus44 back up at 04:30


Well done Izzet! Having worked through the night Cyprus44 finally came back on line with an explanation message on the board from Izzet posted at 04:33. Whilst it is excellent news that the board is back, we at NCFP believe that whoever has done this will try to do it again. It was a DDoS attack and such attacks are illegal.

Last night between 22-23:00 there was suspicious activity on the NCFP website and a quick look at visitor IPs showed unusual patterns of visitors originating from close ranges of IP addresses. Once NCFP’s ICT department recognised these addresses and placed them in a blacklist the website started functioning again.

A quick search on the internet for one of these addresses showed that it had been used in similar attacks and was originating from the UK. This information is possibly the basis for a more in depth investigation but there is also a possibility that the IP belongs to a PC owner with poor security who has been hacked. The closeness of the IP addresses to each other suggests however that they may have been bought from the same company. These addresses can be purchased legally for $2.50pm and it is not unlikely that someone has bought these specifically for illegal purposes.

NCFP will investigate further and publish these IP addresses so that a copy/paste blacklist can be produced and tried out if there are any other DDoS attacks of the same nature. Unfortunately, there are many different types of attacks and so tightening website security is the immediate concern.

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