Cyprus44 hacked again?

cyprus44-brokeHans Doeleman wrote, “I was just informed by Izzet (9 pm) that the problem is a hosting issue. His hosting providers Abuse Department closed the account. Izzet is suspecting a DDoS attack again. They’ll come back to him tomorrow.”

Looking back at the forum just before it was taken down around 2310 on Sunday, there seems to have been very few posts which would upset someone enough to attack the site. The image below shows the topics being discussed up to 2310:


The only topic that in anyway could be considered controversial was “court case by developer backfires,” about Sweetwater Bay’s court case. This could hardly have provoked a need to take Cyprus44 down so what could possibly be behind this? We’ll have to wait until tomorrow in order to find out if Hans’ message is confirmed but after 24hrs it’s beginning to look likely that this is the reason.

The last time this happened to Cyprus44 it also affected NCFP and At the moment there appears to be no evidence of this happening but we will of course be vigilant.

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