Cyprus Talks | South’s Negotiator Accepts ‘Two District Federation’

Cyprus Talks – South’s Negotiator Accepts ‘Two District Federation

According to Hurriyet Daily News (2/11/2013) Andreas Mavroyiannis, the south’s negotiator for the upcoming talks, believes the resolution of the Cyprus problem should come in the form of a two district federation under the UN, thus allowing for two equal federal units in the administration of the island. However, he also believes that in order for Turkey to be allowed EU entry, and for a further 8 chapters to be opened, in addition for them allowing Greek access to Turkish ports, Varosha should be placed under UN control.

Mavroyiannis seems to be avoiding using the term ‘two separate states’ and is instead talking of a ‘two district federation’. It all depends on what powers these districts have and what overall power the federal government has over the districts. Sounds a bit like the USA where the federal government in Washington has immense power over the states. It also could mean power being in the hands of the Greek Cypriot majority. But, without details, it is not clear what the south’s Cyprus Talks negotiator is really suggesting.

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