Opinion | Illegal Immigrants Fault of Greedy Employers

Opinion – Illegal Immigrants Fault of Greedy Employers

Illegal immigrants interviewed in Calais, shown on TV news, on Tuesday evening, gave the lie to their wanting to come to the UK for welfare benefits. They come here to take cash in hand jobs – unlike in France, for instance. So it is the greed of many British employers that is driving illegal immigration; certainly not benefits – French benefits are almost double ours. The government could crack down on the greedy employers who attract these people; but they will not do so whilst many are generous supporters of the Tory Party. This is, however, a dangerous game. While the actions of greedy and unscrupulous employers feed illegal immigration, it will increase and so right wing parties such as UKIP will inevitably grow with it. Not only that, but these people take jobs off British workpeople; and that is likely to increase unrest against immigrants generally, and ultimately may fuel violence. The government ought to put the well-being of the country before party interests, and confront this issue properly. But it is very unlikely they will do so.

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