Cyprus News | Partial Eclipse Today in Cyprus

Cyprus News – Partial Eclipse Today in Cyprus

Well OK, only about a 7% coverage of the sun between 3.15pm-4.30pm with the peak at around 3.50pm. Remember not to look straight at the sun and blind yourself but instead use two pieces of card. Make a small hole in one piece of card with a pencil point, face it toward the Sun, and hold a second card three or four feet behind it in its shadow. The hole will project a small image of the Sun onto the second card. This image will go through all the phases of the eclipse, just as the real Sun does.  A large hole makes the image bright but fuzzy; a small hole makes it dim but sharp.

A lot of the old methods using photographic negatives, for example, dimmed the light but let in damaging ultra violet and infra red rays. If you can get them, a square or rectangular arc-welder’s glass of shade #13 or #14 would be perfect to view the eclipse.


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