Cyprus Problem | What a Downer! | Jumping to a Conclusion

Cyprus Problem – What a Downer! Jumping to a Conclusion

South’s President Nicos Anastasiades appears to have been the source of misinformation about a letter he believed UN Special Advisor Alexander Downer had sent to the European Commission.  This belief was based on “some papers” that José Manuel Durão Barroso, President of the European Commission, had with him during their meeting in Brussels.

The story of the letter was published in the 28 October edition of Phileleftheros. The article said:

“Storm of reaction over Downer intervention at Commission. According to information, Downer sent a letter to the president of the Commission Jose Manuel Barroso, maintaining that a more active involvement by the EU might not help the procedure.”

Responses to the report of Downer’s imaginary letter were predictable:

President Nicos Anastasiades responded to question about the letter with a brave, “no comment.” The south’s Speaker of the House, Yiannakis Omirou, was more forthcoming, saying that if Downer had interfered, then “his presence not only did not help but rather encouraged Turkish intransigence.”

DISY’s parliamentary spokesman Nicos Tornaritis called on Downer to act like an independent officiaDIKO MEP Antigoni Papadopoulou, calling on the government to take a decision on how to handle the matter.

The deputy leader of EVROKO Michalis Giorgallas felt that with his behaviour, Downer was threatening to become a problem for the Cyprus problem.

On behalf of the Greens Mr Masouras stressed that Downer had acted provocatively and called on the National Council to report him.

The most vicious attack on Downer was by Giorgos Lillikas who revealed that the UN official was “trapping the Greek Cypriot side” and that he “is dangerous for our national interests”. He also warned that if Anastasiades did not get rid of him “he would be responsible for Downer’s behaviour.”

Meanwhile, Anastasiades repeated his “no comment” response at a second public engagement.

On the next day, October 29, the European Commission denied that it had received a letter from Downer, while the UN, in an official announcement, spoke of “incorrect allegations” adding that it would “welcome the participation of the EU in the Cyprus peace talks”.

Oops! It will be interesting to see with how these politicians deal with getting it wrong again. On the other hand it looks as if they’ll all blame the south’s President and the President will not apologise for misinforming the public as Presidents have a habit of doing when the Cyprus Problem is involved. Particularly just before the 2004 referendum.

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