North Cyprus Property Victims | Letter From Jail, Not!


North Cyprus Property Victims – Letter From Jail, Not!

Having read the report of my arrest and imprisonment, then the rebuttal by Nigel Watson aka Newsferret, I can now clearly understand why the majority of his reports are copy and pastes of decent journalist’s articles.
Just for the record, and because it so amused me,  I was never arrested, I was never at any police station, I was not helping anyone with their enquiries and I did not shoot JR.
Like most of what Latma Foney reports, it was again a figment of his imagination. I take the view that whilst he is busy maligning others he cannot be ripping off potential punters so that has to be a good thing.
What I do find even more amusing is how some rush to the defence of ex-cons et al and accuse me of bullying them.  How precious and how funny.  Seems their standards are selective since they are perfectly happy with what their ‘friends’ get up to.  Nowt so queer as folk they say.
It has been a very busy week for me and productive too. More about that in the future.
Now I really must get on. Wherever did I put my incontinence knickers? Hey ho, the joys of aging.
Pauline Ann Read
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