North Cyprus Property Victim | Choosing Your Legal Representative


North Cyprus Property Victim – Choosing Your Legal Representative

Agile and I have had such a laugh, seeing all the rubbish being spouted about my arrest and imprisonment. A figment of the writers’ imaginations. I really am amazed how long it has taken for them to find out since according to them they were in constant contact with the authorities….yea ok. Could it be the authorities have no interest in what I do? Why were we laughing? Because we were in the UK and it has taken them this long to find out.

The reason we are in the UK is because Agile is unwell and needs some decent medical care, contrary to the idea that we ran away. Perhaps they were confusing us with the notorious Gary who jumped bail in the UK all those years ago and caused untold misery to all those who were conned by him. Will I return? Very possibly, a lot depends on Agile’s health and well being.

It also seems you are going to be treated to seeing a copy of my defunct Will, which I can recommend if you are having trouble sleeping….. boring. However, I’m not sure how they will find a copy to publish as apart from the one lodged with the Court I can’t think where one would be available. Confidentiality has got to be essential for a company operating in an area dealing in sensitive material so I very much doubt they’ll get hold of a copy. It is important to realise how careful you have to be in trusting your personal information to legal representatives and to remember that if one has betrayed even a single client you could be next if you fall out with them. Not a comfortable situation to be in.


Pauline Ann Read

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