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North Cyprus News – Real Ale Tasting Events

“Saturday 2nd November saw Stevies Restaurant and Bar in Kucuk Erenkoy holding a Beer and Wine tasting evening. The event hosted by Cape Wines of Catalkoy, was promoting a new range of bottle conditioned real ales from St.Hilarion Wines and their Lionhart Brewery. Mustafa Seyfi and Keith Grainger partners in the businesses gave informed information of their range of beers and wines during the evening.

Cape Wines have been selected as the sole distributor for the five ales on offer from the Lionhart brewery based in Gecitkoy and also for the range of twelve wines now produced at the winery. On offer on Saturday were the five ales; Summer and Blonde being the lighter tasting beers and Gold, Pride and Swallow being the more traditional English ales. The Levant range from St.Hilarion winery was on offer for this particular evening.

Approximately 30 people turned up to the event and a scoring system was used by the tasters, to allocate their preferences. The beers have been developed over the last twelve months and it is the intention to offer perhaps one or two fruit flavoured beers for the summer of next year.

These beers and wines are now available from Cape Wines in Catalkoy, opposite the Tempo Supermarket to both trade and retail customers. For more details; Jack Lobb of Cape Wines can be contacted on tel. 0533 842 6457.”

Well worth trying.

Pandora S Box


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