Cyprus Problem | Eroglu Firm on Bi-communal, Bi-zonal Structure

Cyprus Problem – Eroglu Firm on Bi-communal, Bi-zonal Structure

Kibris newspaper (05.11.13) reports that TRNC President, Dervis Eroglu, believes that the idea of Cyprus as a federation is unacceptable for the Turkish Cypriot people and is “contrary to the experiences and the existing realities on the island”. It is unacceptable because it could cause the victimization of the Turkish Cypriots once more.

Any agreement agreement in Cyprus will have a bi-communal, bi-zonal federal structure based on political equality. A partnership state will be formed by two founding states of equal status and which will have one seat at the United Nations, one identity in the international arena and a single citizenship. Each of these founding states will be able to act sovereignly and will have the right of granting internal citizenship.

“We say ‘yes, let us reach an agreement, it is enough, let us turn Cyprus into an island of tranquility and peace’, but we cannot act carelessly and endanger the future of our people…The agreement to be reached will become primary law of the European Union so that tomorrow no problem is experienced on issues such as bi-zonality, political equality, economic sustainability, territory and property.”

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