Cyprus Problem | Hydraulic Road Barriers at Crossings

Cyprus Problem | Hydraulic Road Barriers at CrossingsAfrika newspaper (10.12.13) reports that hydraulic road barriers are to be installed at all crossing points. It is not clear why this is being considered as there have been no reported incidents of attempts to crash through the relatively flimsy barriers. It looks like someone believes that in the future this could be more likely and that the chances of unification and free passage throughout the island are negligable. Why else whould you upgrade the crossings?

It is not clear whether the TRNC or the Turkish government has ordered this upgrade or whether it is a realistic assessment of a future need or just a signal to the south that if there is no settlement the division is going to be reinforced. The newspaper has included images of the Ledra Palace crossing point, where work to install the hydraulic road barrier has already started.

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