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I can’t ever remember a weather forecast for north Cyprus being as bad as it is for the next few days. I’ve been watching the forecast for a week assuming that it was wrong and waiting for it to be changed but today the BBC confirmed that we won’t be getting out of single figure temperatures. Not until Saturday, when the high of 12ºC will be offset by rain. Sunday onwards will be warmer but with temperatures no greater than 15ºC.

High winds and waves have been reported by several sources but the BBC does not confirm this, although it will be windy. However, the wind will add a chill factor to the next few days and will make the temperature feel closer to -2ºC at times. Yes, that’s minus 2 degrees. Add the rain to the mix and I suggest staying in with spicey mulled wine, a roaring fire while watching old movies and pondering over the fact that is warmer in the south of England.


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