North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 11/12/2013

cyprus-today-midweekNorth Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 11/12/2013

This edition is decidedly short of news.

Batten down the hatches – see NCFP story, I doubt there will be 12m waves and 90km/hr winds but then maybe CT is right?

Farewell to Peggy – the 106 year old, who held the record for being the oldest person to paraglide tandem, has died.

Briton killed while trying to help friend – traffic accident in the south

First mass in 57 years is held at Nestorian church – St George of the Foreigners held a mass in Magusa. Editor: Nestorians broke away from the early Christian Church after the First Council of Ephesus in 431AD. They fell out over the human nature of the Virgin Mary.

The Nestorian Church article was the most interesting article, I believe.

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